Friday, August 1, 2014

flowers and plants: italy and france.

along the coast of the south of France and into Italy (we visited San Remo for lunch one day), the plant life is in. cre. di. ble. never have i seen such huge cacti and vivid flowers in bloom. i think my favourites were the giant mother in law's tongues, but if you like bougainvillaea

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

holiday in your own backyard!

today is my first day off in two weeks, so i thought i'd take some time to take my time...if you know what i mean. first, i put on an outfit that i didn't have to consider whether it was comfortable or sensible to 'work' in the whole day- i love that. we went out for breakfast and then went for a walk along the coast on this unseasonably warm winter's day in Sydney. it was so fun to explore my own backyard (that's how i refer to the beach, because it technically is!). i really felt like i was on a holiday, seeing the beauty in my surroundings as if for the first time. what a refreshing approach to the day!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

weekend project: gift wrapping with ephemera.

i was invited to join this board on pinterest and thought what better what to re-introduce the weekend project post to the blog. i only used what i had around the house, starting with cutting up an old paper bag for the brown paper packaging-so simple. then i gathered bits of ephemera i have collected and had at home. i got these results by 
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